Copyright Policy is committed to providing original, user submitted content on our website while also respecting copyright of others. Thus, does not allow for uploading of any type of files to our servers, including images, music, video or documents by our users. Furthermore, we do not allow users to directly link to content hosted off of our servers.

Users are restricted to posting only text-based content, which helps ensure that users do not share copyrighted content, which mainly consists of images, music or video content.

However, we recognize that text based content can also be copyrighted, so we provide the ability for any story or comment on our site to be reported to moderators for copyright infringement. To report a story or comment for copyright infringement, simply select the report option next to the infringing content and fill out the report content form and select the copyright reason for your report. This will add the story or comment to our moderation queue for review and removal by our staff

If reporting a story or comment for copyright infringement, you must also include a link or URL to the original work that is being infringed by the work hosted on, or a link or URL that documents where the copyrighted work is registered with the US Copyright Office. This is so that we can verify that the user's content is indeed copyrighted and that the report is not frivolous or designed to silence user engagement.

Users who repeatedly post copyrighted content may have their accounts terminated.

If you are unable to use the report feature next to a story or comment and need to report an item for copyright infringement, you can email a link to the story or comment to [email protected] and we will review the content. However, please note that using the built in report features of this site is the preferred method of reporting copyrighted content and will result in quicker removal of copyrighted content than emailing us.