A Karen stole all my Halloween candy when I was eight.

Posted by Karen Stole My Candy on October 10, 2021 7:30 PM

When I was eight years old, a Karen stole my Halloween candy. I had forgotten about this but a recent conversation with my brother about Halloween un-repressed this memory of mine.

I was out trick-or-treating with my sixteen year old brother one year and had built up a nice haul of candy. Lots of chocolate bars and sweets, stuff the average eight year old loves on Halloween.

My brother and I were just finishing up trick-or-treating for the night when we came across this Karen and her little hell-spawn. Literal hell spawn as the kid was dressed up like the devil and the mom was dressed up like an angel.

Anyway, trick or treat hours were ending in the neighborhood and the kid had no candy since they had just started trick-or-treating. Karen laser-focuses on me and my pillowcase full of candy.

She comes up to me and my brother and she asks my brother if her kid can have some of my candy. She says that her kid is only five and will be heartbroken if he doesn't get any of the candy.

My brother asks if I want to give him any candy and I being a candy-hungry eight year old say no. My brother tells the Karen that what I said goes because it's my candy to do with what I please.

Karen didn't like this answer, so she went from being sweet to selfish. She said that I was a little brat and didn't deserve any candy, not like her sweet little angel (who remember is dressed like the devil).

My brother is great, he defended me saying that maybe Karen should have taken her kid trick or treating sooner and her kid missing out on Halloween is not our problem. Karen huffed and my brother and I started to walk away.

All of a sudden I feel a tug on my candy bag. Karen grabs for my candy bag and rips it out of my little eight year old hands. I do as any eight year old would do in this situation and start crying.

My brother loses his temper and calls Karen a bi*ch. Karen calls us both brats, then runs back to her car and speeds away.

I go home and tell my parents, who are furious. They give me the rest of the candy left over in the candy bowl, which was a lot, so I cheer up. I eat most of the candy left in the bowl and give myself a nice candy-induced stomach ache.
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