Entitled Karen thinks her son's hiccups makes him the most important patient in the ER

Posted by AngryMama on October 17, 2021 9:40 PM

I was recently in the ER with my daughter, who had dislocated her knee while playing soccer. When we arrived, they gave my daughter a wheelchair and sent her back to the waiting room to wait for a room to become available.

While we are waiting, in comes Karen and her young child, who is suffering from a case of the hiccups. She walks up to the check in desk and immediately starts demanding to see a doctor for her son. The nurse asks what is wrong and she answers "hiccups", like it's the worst disease known to man.

The nurse tells Karen that hiccups by themselves are not anything serious and usually go away on their own pretty quickly and that this is not something that is an emergency. To this Karen screeches that it is an emergency and he's been hiccupping non-stop for all of an hour.

The nurse says that Karen can wait for a doctor in the waiting room, but it might be a while. At this, Karen huffs and puffs her way over to the waiting room.

About 10 minutes later, Karen starts getting impatient. She goes up to the desk and says "Where is the doctor, when is my baby going to see a doctor!". The nurse politely but firmly tells Karen that she has to wait her turn. Karen returns to the waiting room.

About five minutes later, an elderly gentleman comes in with trouble breathing. The nurse takes one look at him and rushes him into the back, as it looks serious and he is elderly. Karen goes up to the nurse and starts yelling, "Why does he have to go back? My son is next!".

The nurse tries to calmly explain that an ER sees people by severity of the emergency, not the order they arrive. Karen is having none of this. She grabs her son and walks past the nurse's station and out of sight.

Two minutes go by when I see two big, burly security guards running towards the patient rooms. About five minutes later, I see Karen emerge being dragged by the guards as she kicks and screams. A squad car pulls up and Karen is loaded into the back. By now her kid has stopped hiccupping and is being watched by a nurse while his mommy goes to jail.

I ask the nurse at the desk what happened and she said that Karen had started barging into patient rooms looking for a doctor. She barged into a room with a doctor and patient and demanded that the other patient leave so that her son could be seen. This was when the doctor called security and they came rushing in.

I ended up leaving the ER with my daughter a few hours later after she had an XRay for her dislocated knee. She'll be all-right but will have to use crutches for a few weeks while it heals. Luckily it was not broken, just a torn muscle.
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