Entitled Karen tries to leave her three kids at our toy store while she gets a haircut.

Posted by WickedWombat on September 02, 2021 12:49 AM

I work in a small mom-and-pop toy store. We get lots of little kids in our store, some more well behaved than others. But recently I had to deal with three brats and a Karen.

It was a slow day, so I was in back doing inventory when all of a sudden I hear a crash come from the front of the store. I get there and there's three kids there, unattended, and one of them had knocked over a shelf. They're lucky that no one got hurt! Apparently the kid wanted the toy at the top so he decided to Tarzan his way to the top.

I ask the kids where their parents are, and the oldest says that his mom went to get her hair done across the street. She left her kids in the toy store while she got her hair done!

My manager comes out and sees the destruction these kids have brought onto our store. He tells me to watch the kids while he goes across the street to get their mom.

He goes across the street and I can see him yelling at the mom through the salon's window. He leaves the salon with the Karen following him, screaming and cursing. She didn't like that my manager threatened to call the police and CPS on her for abandoning her kids.

She also didn't like when my manager demanded she pay for the damaged toys and damaged shelf. But my manager had her, he demanded that she pay or he would call CPS and the police for child abandonment and endangerment. Karen begrudgingly paid the $800 required to fix the shelf and replace the couple of damaged toys.
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