Entitled mom demands I let her son use my generator to play XBOX!

Posted by StormyWeather on June 29, 2021 2:28 AM

We recently had some storms which led to a Karen encounter I won't soon forget.

In order to understand the gravity of the situation, it's important to know that my elderly mother lives with me. She's very sick and requires medical devices to keep her breathing. I have a small gas-powered generator that I use in emergencies to keep her medical equipment running. The equipment has a 30 minute battery backup and for anything longer I need the generator. The generator can keep the equipment running as well as run a few lights in the house. It's not super powerful but does what it needs to do.

Recently we had some really bad storms and it knocked out our power. I did what I always do when that happens and I fired up the generator. It's gas powered, so I need to put it in the back yard away from the house so we don't die from the fumes.

As it gets dark, we're settling in for the night when we hear a knock on the door. It's Karen.

"Do you have power?" she asks. "I see your lights are on.".

I tell Karen, no, we don't have power, they're being run by our generator.

"Oooh" says Karen. "Can my son borrow your generator? He needs power.".

I'm thinking maybe her son has a medical condition or something where he needs the generator too, although I can't let her borrow it because otherwise my mom's machines will stop working.

Karen says, "My son needs the generator to play XBOX. He has a big Fortnite competition scheduled in an hour and he would be really crushed if he couldn't play in it.".

Now that I know her kid isn't in any danger, I explain to Karen that 1) It's my generator, 2) Her son can't use it to play Fortnite and 3) it's keeping my mom alive right now.

Karen begins to get belligerent. "My son needs to play Fortnite, he's in a tournament!". Sorry Karen, that's not my problem.

"But my baby neeeeds his Fortnite!", Karen screams. At this point I've had enough. I tell Karen to get the hell off my property in my best firm voice.

"Fine, I'll leave but you're ruining my baby's chances at being a champion" she says. I don't care in the slightest.

About 20 minutes later, I hear "beep, beep, beep" from my mother's room. The medical equipment has switched over to the battery backup.

I rush outside to see if their is a problem with the generator, when I see Karen and her son trying to wheel my generator out of my back yard. I yell, "what the hell are you doing!". Karen and her son freeze like deer in headlights. Karen whines "my baby needs to be a Fortnite champion!".

I push Karen away from my generator and try to get my generator started again, but it won't start. Karen's broken it somehow and it's too dark for me to see anything to fix it. Now I'm panicking because my mom has about 25 minutes of battery backup left before her machines stop working.

I think Karen saw the panic and anger in my eyes, so she grabs her son and makes a dash for her house. I'm messing with the generator, trying to get it started. Somehow Karen has flooded the motor. If I can't get it started before the battery dies on my mom's equipment things will get bad.

Luckily five minutes later the power is restored. After checking on my mom, I call the cops and they dispatch an officer to Karen's house.

I go over there and meet the officer and explain to him that Karen was trying to steal my generator. Karen says, "I wasn't stealing it, I was just borrowing it so my baby could play Fortnite. It's not a big deal.".

I scream "It is a big deal! My mom needs power to survive! Without it her medical equipment won't work! You could have killed my mom!".

Karen says, "Your mom has to be 90 years old, she's past her expiration date, don't you think?".

That has me seeing red. I want to punch the vile Karen so bad, but the cop sensing what I was about to do puts his arm on my shoulder.

The cop grabs the Karen and places her under arrest. As he's reading her the Miranda rights, Karen makes a run for it. Unfortunately for her, this officer was a K9 unit. As Karen is running down the block he screams "stop, or I'll release the dog".

She didn't stop. I've never in my life seen a doggo run faster than that K9 dog. I could tell that dog really lived for the chase.

Long story short, Karen gets one nasty dog bite and a free pair of bracelets. Her son, the Fortnite champion, also gets taken away as he's old enough to know that stealing is wrong.

I'm going to file for a restraining order against Karen this week, so hopefully once she gets out of jail I never have to interact with her again.

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(2) Posted by Kerplunk on August 16, 2021 6:51 AM

Such a poor excuse for a human! I am glad your mom is okay!