Entitled mom lets her toddler ruin my brand new car!

Posted by JJ21 on June 19, 2021 12:59 AM

This is the story of how one entitled mom let her toddler ruin my brand new car.

The cast:

EM: Entitled Mom
EK: Entitled Kid
ME: Who else but me?

So, I had just bought a brand new Toyota Camry in beautiful white paint. Where I live it is townhomes, so everyone parks either in their garages or in their driveways and they're really close to each other. I park in my driveway because my garage (single car) is full of stuff.

I come home from work one day to see EK on his front porch coloring. Normally I don't pay much attention to the little crotch spawn. He's usually indoors when I get home so our paths don't cross much. He's about 3 or 4 years old and I don't really like kids much so usually I just ignore him on the rare occasions I do see him.

I don't think much of EK coloring on his porch. It's such a nice day I decide to go for a walk around the block. As I come home, I see EK standing in my driveway. As I get closer, I can see he is smiling. He says to me "car pretty". I say to him, yes it is a pretty car.

Then he says "I made car pretty, see!". That is when to my horror I look at my car and I see he has drawn all over the side of the car with permanent marker. Black marker, brown marker, red marker, yellow marker, blue marker, green marker. Nearly every color of the rainbow is right there on the side of my car!

I ask him, where is your mommy? He says "mommy inside". So I take him by the hand and take him back to his house, where I knock on his door. The following is the conversation I have with his mother.

* knock knock knock *

EM: Ugg, who is it? It's almost dinner time, what do you want?

Me: Hi, I'm your next door neighbor. Your son was drawing on my brand new car with permanent marker?

EM: Well, why didn't you stop him!

Me: What? I did, but he did it while I was going for a walk around the block. Why weren't you watching him?

EM: I had to cook the chicken, I figured he would be fine outside by himself.

Me: Umm, he's three, maybe four. You can't leave a kid alone that age outside! Someone might take them and they can get into trouble, like your son did with my car!

EM: Oh, I'm sure you're over-exaggerating. He couldn't have done any harm to your precious car.

Me: Yes, he did. He ruined the paint on my brand new car. I expect you to pay for the damages.

EM: He didn't ruin your car. If anything he made it better. White is a boring color, my baby made your new car unique and pretty!

Me: I don't think so, and I expect you to pay for the damages.

EM: I didn't do anything wrong, so I won't be paying!

Me: Yes you will, one way or another!

EM: No I won't, now get off my porch!

Me: I'm not going anywhere!

EM: Yes, you are! Get out of here, leave me and my baby alone!

With that, EM slams the door shut. I regret that I didn't have my foot in the door to keep her from closing it.

Now I have to contact my insurance, who will pay for the repairs to the paint and go after EM for the damages. I also plan to clean out my garage so I can start parking in there, since her little crotch spawn can't let me have nice things.
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