Karen, your child doesn't get a fish from our fish tank because you feel entitled to it!

Posted by Miss Receptionist on November 07, 2021 7:41 PM

I am a receptionist at a dental office. In our office, there is a big fishtank in our waiting room, kind of similar to the one in Finding Nemo. The dentist loves having the fish there and parents and kids all enjoy viewing the fish.

Anyway, one day a woman (we'll call her Karen) brings her son, who is about six in for a cleaning. The kid is clearly nervous as Karen checks her kid in for his appointment. Karen's kiddo sees the fishtank in the waiting room though and that gets his attention.

I hear Karen say to her kid that if he's a big boy and does good for his cleaning that she will get him a fish. I think nothing of it, as I assume she means that she will get her kid a fish at a pet store, you know, like a normal person.

However, when her kid's cleaning is done Karen comes up to me and says that she would like a fish for her kiddo. At first I'm thinking she'll go to a petshop to buy one, so I'm like "Yeah, fish are wonderful, you two going to the petshop today?".

She says, no, I want one of your fish from the fishtank. My little boy did so well in his cleaning today and he deserves one of your pretty fish.

Now, the fish in the tank are expensive fish, some costing over a couple of hundred dollars each. She can't just take one. I have to explain to this grown woman that the fish in the tank at the dentist's office are not there for people to take.

Karen protests, saying that she promised her kid a fish and since he was so good can't we just let him have one of these?

At this point, I can see I'm getting nowhere with Karen so I call the dentist who comes out and reiterates to Karen that the fish in the tank are not free. He has more of a commanding presence than I do, considering he's a 6' 2" male with a booming voice and I'm a 5' 4" skinny female receptionist.

Karen finally seems to get it through her head that she's not leaving here with a fish today. She tells her kid, "We'll get you a fish from the pet store after we get some lunch.". At this point I breathe a sign of relief as the wild Karen has given up. Or so I thought.

Karen then asks to use the bathroom before she leaves, and I point her in the direction of the bathroom. She asks us to watch her kid for a minute and since he's well behaved I figure this is ok and watch her kid while she *uses the bathroom*.

Little did I know, she wasn't using the bathroom though. She goes down the hall and must have gone to the staff break room, as next thing I know I see Karen sneaking around the fishtank with an empty glass, trying to wrangle one of the fish into her cup!

I start screaming at her, "What the heck are you doing Karen!". She says that her child deserves one of these fish and she's going to be taking one for him today. Hearing the screams, the dentist runs back into the waiting area.

In his big, booming voice he yells "That is enough! Unhand my fish! You are now banned from this practice for life! If you do not leave now, I will call the police and you will be arrested for attempted theft!".

This put the fear of God into Karen, who grabs her child and runs off into the parking lot. I feel bad for the kid, he seemed very well behaved and didn't cry or put up a fuss at all. He must get that from his father.

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