No Karen, the strollers next to the rides at the amusement park are not free

Posted by Sarah91 on August 14, 2021 7:52 PM

With Covid restrictions lifting, I was finally able to take my kids out for a day at the local kiddie amusement park. They have mostly rides for little kids, including my boys' favorite, a small kiddie coaster.

They have a spot for parents to leave their strollers next to the ride. My youngest is finally old enough and tall enough to ride the small kiddie coaster, but still too young to spend a whole day walking around the park, so sometimes he needs the stroller to take a break.

I park my stroller which also has all of my snacks for the boys at the entrance of the ride and the three of us get on the kiddie coaster.

As we are getting off the ride, I see this woman go towards the stroller area and grab MY stroller. She starts walking off with it and her kid when I confront her.

I say, "Hey, that's my stroller!".

She says, "No it's not, these strollers are free!".

I say, "No they are not, that stroller is mine! Give it back!".

She says, "No, this stroller is mine now, the park puts them out here for parents to borrow. Get your own free stroller."

Getting angry at this point, I say "Maam, that is my stroller." I grab the stroller and yank it out of her grasp.

She starts screaming "Security, Security!".

Now a big, burly security guard comes running up and asks "What's the matter here!". Karen says, "This woman stole my stroller!".

The security guard starts looking at me and I can tell that things are about to go bad for me. I say "That's my stroller, and I can prove it!".

The security guard says, "Ok maam, show me proof this is your stroller."

I go to the bottom of the stroller, where luckily my husband had the idea to write my last name on the bottom. I say, "See, that is my last name and this is my stroller!".

At this point, the security guard asks to see my ID to verify, which I provide.

Karen starts screeching "The strollers are free, give it back!".

The security guard tells Karen to calm down or she will be removed from the park. This gets her attention.

The security guard lets me walk off with my boys and my stroller. Later I see Karen in line for another ride and she flips me off right in front of the whole park. Now my youngest has a new favorite hand gesture that he shows off whenever he feels like it. Thanks Karen.
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