The Karen who ruined Christmas!

Posted by KarenClaus on December 05, 2021 5:56 PM

I was at the mall shopping for Christmas gifts and seeing the mall Santa reminds me of a Karen encounter from a few years ago where a Karen ruined Christmas for a whole bunch of children.

When my daughter was five, my husband and I had taken her to the mall to do some shopping and to sit on Santa's lap. We had to wait in line to see Santa and the line was long but not unbearable, about 20 minutes or so I think.

Anyway, as we're waiting to see Santa, in comes a Karen, with her little brat in tow. By now my daughter is near the front of the line, so we got to see this whole encounter pretty closely and we could hear Karen clear as day.

Karen walks to the front of the line with her kid and basically cuts in front of 20 other families all waiting to see Santa. The guy in front of us says to Karen, what are you doing? Don't you see there's a line?

Karen retorts, I know there's a line but I'm in a hurry and my precious baby is so much more important than the rest of you. Your kids are all probably on the naughty list anyway!

The grumblings from the rest of the people in line have gotten the attention of the "elf", a young twenty-something woman who doesn't get paid nearly enough to deal with this while also wearing an elf costume.

She asks what is the problem, and the guy at the front of the line tells her about Karen the line jumper. Karen reiterates what she said previously, she is in a hurry and just wants her kid to see Santa quickly so they can finish their shopping.

The elf tells Karen she has to go to the back of the line, which to this Karen screams no, my precious baby needs to see Santa NOW!

Well, she got Santa's attention with this one. The gentleman playing Santa, gets up off of his chair, seeing no more kids are coming his way and Karen creating a fuss. He says, in a booming Santa voice, "What is going on here?". Karen begins to speak, but Santa says, I'm asking my elf, what is going on here?

The elf relays the story to Santa, and Santa asks Karen if she jumped the line. Karen says yes, but I'm in a hurry. Santa tells her that she can either go to the back of the line and wait her turn, or she can leave, but she cannot jump the line.

To this Karen retorts, you can't tell me what to do! You're not even the real Santa! You're just some old guy who likes to have children sit on his lap!

Hearing this, the kids in the line start to cry. Santa now gets very angry and says "Maam, you need to leave now". Karen says no, you need to let my kid sit on your lap! Do your damn job and be Santa!

Santa says to his elf, call mall security! At this, Karen grabs his Santa beard and rips it off, in front of all the children! She starts screaming to everyone, look, it's not the real Santa anyway so you might as well let me go first in the line!

Now, at this point all of the little kids in the line are screaming and crying, including her own little kid. Mall security also shows up. I have to console my child so I missed their next bit of conversation, but I do remember Karen screaming "you can't call the police on me!" and then her and her brat running away with mall security chasing behind them.

That's the story of the Karen who ruined Christmas for a bunch of small children. My child wouldn't stop crying and lost all belief in Santa after that encounter, no matter how much I tried to work Santa into our Christmas routine. They kept saying Santa was fake. I'll never forgive you Karen for taking away my child's sense of wonder and holiday spirit!
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