We're an auto repair shop, not a babysitting service!

Posted by MrMechanic on May 28, 2021 6:49 PM

*Tried to remove as many identifying details as possible - if I missed any let me know*

I’m a mechanic by trade, and have been for the past 15 years, but last week was the first time I’ve ever seen this level of entitlement. So, I thought it belonged here, never thought I’d actually get a story worthy enough to put here. Obviously, in the shop we see a lot of people trying to haggle and devaluing our skills, that’s pretty stock standard kind of stuff for us. If you know, you know type.

Pretty regular Tuesday, I didn’t have a specific job posting for the day so was helping out the front with appraisal, out back with things that didn’t take much time, pretty normal when the boss just wants an extra pair of hands to help with miscellaneous stuff. I’m basically the 2IC here. I didn’t see her come in, but a good work mate of mine did and apparently, she was fairly normal. Dropped off her car for general maintenance, hit her mileage, awesome, easy job. Boss called me out to move her car from the front car park, to out the back. I got busy talking with a different customer in the waiting room on my way through to get the keys, so it took me 15 minutes give or take to even get to the car, which is USUALLY no biggie. The customer was long gone by the time I got to the car which is the point here.

But of course, this wouldn’t be entitled parents if that was all. I grab the keys from the reception and head on out to move this car. Now, it’s not a hot day, but warm enough that I’m not wearing a jacket in a place that is pretty cold this time of year. I get there, open the driver’s door, and I’m met with a CHILD IN THE BACK. This kid jump scared me. She was buckled into her booster seat and just sitting there looking at me. She was maybe 4, give or take. Not old enough to leave in a car alone that’s for sure. I didn’t even know what to say to her and nearly ran back into reception. They had no idea she was in there either, and Jenny (name changed) took her out of the car and brought her in. There’s a coffee machine in the waiting room that also serves hot chocolate and she got one for the kid and sat her down near her. We were both baffled as to why this woman had left her with us. I matched the number plate to the phone number and called her back while Jenny entertained her. She didn’t pick up any of the 9 times I called (I checked my phone record just now to make sure I really did do that many). In the end I took the car out the back for the boys to look over.

Just over an hour later she came waltzing through the door asking if her car was done yet. I couldn’t believe the audacity she had. I’m paraphrasing here but essentially, I asked her why she left her child with us, and she said she MEANT TO, that she needed time to herself, and that we should be grateful because she’s a wonderful child. If she’s so wonderful why the hell did you need to make us your babysitters? The shop is not the right place for a child to be, especially seeing as none of us really had the resources to look after a child. I told her she was lucky we didn’t call the police on an abandoned child. At this point my boss, who had been informed of the situation but was in a meeting with a potential buyer came out to deal with her, after hearing out altercation. He relieved me and Jenny of our baby-sitting duties to go on lunch break. From what he told us after, she’s banned for life from the shop, and she defended her choice to leave the kid with us.

I didn’t think there were really nutters like this in real life, but I tell you what this past week has changed my mind.
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(2) Posted by Working Retail Sucks on May 28, 2021 1:22 AM

What the heck was wrong with that woman? Who leaves their child in a hot car at the mechanics so they can have some "me" time? That poor kiddo!