Battle hen meltdown

Posted by Kerplunk on August 16, 2021 6:40 AM

I had the pleasure of a full raging attack of a battle hen last week at Walgreens. I went in With a terrible migraine to get my medication. I walked in at the same time as a woman with 3 small children that were running ahead and grabbing everything they could get their hands on. I head in and start doing my thing and she starts following me around glaring at me totally ignoring her brats as they destroy the toy isle. I turn around and ask her why she is following me. She asked me if I forgot anything thinking maybe I dropped my wallet or keys so I feel my pockets. Well Karen unleashes on me for not wearing a mask. (Im fully immunized and had my card with me) I pointed out she wasnt wearing a mask either well that wasn't the best of ideas because it triggered her screach mode. Wich instantly sent waves of pain through my head All I wanted was to get my medication a bottle of shampoo and go home a treat my migraine. Insted im getting screamed at about how were all trying to murder her because she doesn't believe in immunizations! Demanding everyone around her must wear a mask to protect her. i asked her many times to lower her voice I have a really bad migraine to be told I was lying to get attention. During this whole time her little darlings are absolutely trashing the place they have moved to the candy isle ripping bags open and eating candy . The manager finally showed up on time to see me vomit all over the battle hens shoes.

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(2) Posted by Admin on August 17, 2021 1:14 AM

Wow, so she wants everyone else to mask up while not wearing a mask herself? This, plus her serious disregard for her children makes me think she's got serious issues.

Thank you for posting Kerplunk and sorry you had to deal with a wild Karen. At least you can take some satisfaction in knowing others are finding some joy from your terrible experience!