Entitled woman pulls the emergency brake on a train!

Posted by PrettyKitty on May 28, 2021 2:02 PM

About 15 years ago my husband and I had a Karen experience we will never forget. We had gone to downtown Chicago on the train to visit the museum of Science and Industry for the day.

On the way home, there were two trains leaving that we could have taken. One was the express, leaving at 5:25. The express only stopped at a few of the stops and skipped the rest. The local train left at 5:35 and stopped at all the stops along the line. We got on the express because it stopped at our stop, which was towards the end of the line.

We're sitting in the train car and the train crew announces each station stop and the next stop as we are going along. We see a woman get up and start walking towards the conductor. She's got the "I want to speak to your manager" haircut and other markings of the wild Karen.

She goes up to the conductor and says something like, "Is this train stopping at Willowbrook? I need to get off at Willowbrook!". This was 15 years ago, so it's not exact, but it is what I remember.

The conductor turns to her and says, "Maam, this is the express train, we do not stop at Willowbrook. You'll have to get off at the next stop and call someone from the station or take a taxi to Willowbrook if you need to get your car.".

She starts screaming, "NO! I need to get off at Willowbrook! You need to stop this train NOW!".

The conductor says, "Maam, we cannot stop this train, it is the express. You'll need to get off at the next stop.".

Hearing this, Karen freaks out and starts screaming "I will stop this train!". She eyes the emergency brake. Sensing what she is about to do, the conductor says "Maam, if you pull that brake it is a felony and you will be arrested!".

Karen shreeks, "But it's an EMERGENCY!" as she pulls the emergency cord. The train lurches as the emergency break engages.

Karen starts walking towards the door of the train car screaming "Open this door now!".

The conductor says, "Maam, I cannot open this door, we are not at a station. You have stopped this train when there is not an emergency. Now we need to wait for the police!".

Karen screams, "OPEN THIS DOOR NOW!!!".

The conductor gets on his radio and asks for backup and for the police to be called.

Karen continues to shreek "Open this door, I need my car! Let me out!". A few minutes later, police arrive on scene lights and sirens flashing. The conductor opens the train door.

As soon as the door opens, Karen makes a run for it. The conductor says to the cops, "That's her, the one who pulled the brake. Stop her!".

The cops chase after Karen and I don't know quite what happened next, as I couldn't see from my seat on the train. However, as the train started moving a few minutes later I did get a good glimpse of Karen sitting in the back of a squad car.

And that's the story of how one entitled Karen inconvenienced a whole trainload of people (maybe even two, if she delayed the other train) because she got on the wrong train.

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