Karen tries to steal my Thanksgiving turkey!

Posted by QuirkyTurkey on November 25, 2021 10:49 PM

This year I kind of got a late start to Thanksgiving. Due to how my family is, I wasn't sure if we were going to have a Thanksgiving until yesterday, when I found out that if we were going to have a Thanksgiving I would be responsible for hosting and cooking the meal.

Since I haven't had a family Thanksgiving since 2019 due to Covid, I jumped at the chance to host, even though I knew it would be a lot of work. So yesterday I went to the grocery store to do some last minute grocery shopping and get some stuffing, potatoes, cranberries and of course, the turkey.

I lucked out too, as there was only one turkey left. I gleefully put the turkey in my cart and headed for checkout.

As I was checking out, I noticed a middle aged woman behind me, who we'll call Karen. She had bleached blond hair and that typical "I want to speak with your manager" hair weave. But Karen was being quiet and not bothering me, so I paid her no mind and continued checking out.

That is, until I went to pay and I noticed my total seemed low. I was buying a big turkey, so I expected the total to be more than it was when I checked out. At first I though I had lucked out and things were less expensive, until I turned around. Karen had moved the little plastic bar that separates orders on the conveyor belt so that my turkey was now a part of her order.

How did I know it was my turkey she had? Well, my turkey was gone and Karen wouldn't look me in the eye. I turned to Karen and said, "did you really think that would work?". She played ignorant, but she knew what she had done.

I turn to the employee and say, "that was my turkey, Karen moved the turkey into her order". Karen said, no, that is my turkey, this person is crazy. The employee at this point doesn't know who to believe as we're both claiming the turkey as ours.

At this point Karen and I begin arguing, me getting ever more upset that she stole the turkey and her playing the role of victim since she's trying to paint it so that I am the turkey thief. We begin raising our voices, which attracts the attention of the manager.

The manager asks what is going on here and we both explain our sides to the manager, who looks pissed off to have to deal with this the day before Thanksgiving.

He says that there's an easy way to determine who brought the turkey, he can check the security camera above the checkout lane. The manager says that we'll check the footage and whoever is lying will be leaving his store empty-handed today, not just of the turkey but with no food at all. This makes Karen start to get nervous and she starts to double down, saying how dare we call her a thief, etc.

The manager calls over a big, burly man, who appears to be store security. He says, please keep these two here until I check the security tapes and if they try anything please call the police. He's clearly a no-nonsense kind of person.

He walks off to check the tapes and Karen, knowing the jig is up, makes a run for it. She runs off into the store, looking back at me and the security guard, who doesn't know whether he should pursue. However, Karen runs off and doesn't see the giant display of soda sitting at the end cap of the aisle. She runs right into it, which shakes up the two-liter bottles and soda starts bubbling, then exploding. Karen is now soaked in soda and the security guard gives chase as Karen runs soaked with soda out of the store and into the parking lot.

I left there with the turkey. As I was leaving, I got to see Karen leave too, in the back of a squad car.

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