HOA I'm not a part of tries to poison my tree.

Posted by I Hate HOAs on May 29, 2021 8:29 AM

I live in a sub-division that is controlled by a HOA. I’m live in one of the very few homes that is old enough to not have to be under their thumb thanks to my parents good thinking. I inherited their home about 7 years back, but still, they want to cause trouble.

We have an admittedly fairly large tree in the front yard. It’s deciduous, so around Fall (Autumn) the leaves go everywhere. My daughter (6) loves to play in them so I don’t bother much with cleaning them up – it’s my house, why would I?

But the HOA started harassing us over the past couple of years to cut it down. Even going as far as to catch my wife on her morning runs to hound her about it. We don’t even fall under their jurisdiction. I don’t know is what they’re doing counts as harassment but it’s sure starting to feel like it.

I think they were tracking when she leaves our house, but I can’t prove it. She’s changed the time she goes out for runs from 6am to 6.30am back to 6am and even to 5.30am, but somehow one of the main ‘council’ members of the HOA is always out there to harass her about the tree. It was ridiculous at this point, and I don’t know how they know when she’s out and about, it’s a quiet street, but it’s not like she makes heaps of noise!

It all came to a head last weekend when my wife was in the front yard with my daughter. She left to go turn the sprinklers on for our daughter to play in. The tap for the sprinklers is around the side of the house, so she was gone no more than a few minutes, but when she came back the council member that had been following her was talking to our daughter. Naturally she was wondering why this stranger to our daughter was talking to her and ran up to confront him. He claimed he was just being friendly and introducing himself to our daughter. We had been deliberately keeping him away from her because of his behaviour around my wife so it wasn’t ideal, but he left.

Later that night, at dinner our daughter asked us what herbicide was. I explained to her that it kills plants, you used it in gardens. It turns out that he had asked her to convince us to kill the tree, he wanted her to go into our shed and look to see what poisons we had in the shed – or at least that’s mostly what we could make out from our daughter. I think he meant for her to bring him one of ours so he didn’t use one we didn’t have, a toxin report on the tree would catch him out immedietly.

I’ve since put an additional numerical lock on the shed, instead of just the key one, but I can’t believe he was trying to get our daughter to check our shed that’s full of dangerous items over a goddamn tree.
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(1) Posted by Kae on June 01, 2021 1:38 AM

I will never buy a house in an HOA, precisely because of people like this!