Soldier decides to make his own dress code.

Posted by Mr. Pancake on May 28, 2021 7:27 AM

This was way back in the day, when I was in the air cadets, like the army cadets but for air force. Our squadron were known for being a bit of a rough around the edge type group, low-socioeconomic, lots of problem kids – you name it. I kept to myself a bit; it wasn’t my thing, but I had to be there.

The MC wasn’t on my part, but someone in my intake. Around 6 months in, there was a really rowdy night, lots of junk from the canteen – who knows. But a bunch of boys got food all over their dress uniforms, which is really difficult to hide stains on. During the uniform check, in front of the whole squadron, the Warrant Officer called out one boy we’ll call Josh. Josh was a troublemaker, but also a funny bloke, I liked him a lot, and this was one of the solidifying moments of his character to me. The WO pulled him out of rank to make an example of him. The usual ‘this is what not to do’, ‘try harder’, ‘embarrassing to your country’, but one specific sentence clearly stood out to Josh ‘I’d rather you wore nothing than this’.

You can imagine where this goes next. The next week, Josh turns up in his camos – no shirts, he is half-naked walking around all night, attending the lectures as normal. WO doesn’t say a word. Dress check comes up and WO is nowhere to be seen, the Flight Sargent took over for the night and barely gives him a nod.

Never saw WO ever give a lecture on uniform publicly ever again, and Josh was a hero for at least until the next intake. I sometimes wonder what happened to him, I secretly hope he’s a WO now harassing kids in the same way.
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