My Neighbor took out all my utilities because he didn't want to make a phone call

Posted by MyNeighborIsAMoron on August 20, 2021 5:10 PM

Let me start off by saying, my neighbor is an idiot. He's putting in a new pool and somehow managed to take out ALL of my utilities. My water, electric and internet are all out, so I'm at my friend's house across the street while they get repaired. Luckily the power on this side of the street is not affected.

He decided to dig the hole for the pool for himself rather than pay a professional, so he rented a backhoe and just started digging. He didn't bother to call the city or the utility companies, so he dug right into the main conduit where all of the neighborhood utilities are located. Why he was digging so close to the property line I don't know, but he knocked out electric, water and internet for everyone on my side of the street in the neighborhood.

He also has a giant water main break spraying in his backyard, so one way or another he will have a pool in his backyard.

Now there are city crews and utility workers all over my backyard and his backyard. I went to talk to them and they said he was only a few feet away from hitting a gas line!

Apparently it's also now a criminal matter so the police are here questioning my neighbor. We'll see if he gets taken away in cuffs.

Sometimes it's better to pay a professional to do something rather than do it yourself and take out the utilities for half of a neighborhood!

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