If you don't pay me what you owe me, don't expect the password for free!

Posted by POSProblems on May 28, 2021 5:13 PM

This story takes place a few years ago, but I still stand by what I did.

I was working in a family grocery store business at the time. If you've ever worked for a ‘family business’, you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say they treated you like family.

The whole altercation started when they finally decided to upgrade the POS system, it hadn’t been done in like 20 years. Before that it was this huge register that was manual and took forever. The new system was installed by the company they bought from, and I was tasked to do the whole set-up of it (think - barcodes, sales etc.) which was fine but a huge task. We had thousands of products to put into the system, it took me several weeks of overtime to even get through the main products, and I absolutely missed some products – which is important for later.

Now this shop had 4 managers. We’ll call them Adam, Ben, Cam, and Daniel (A, B, C and D for short), who were all brothers-in-law or blood relative brothers. My problem was with Daniel, who was the brother of Ben. They had some sort of stupid rivalry, which translated heavily into the management of the shop. Also, important to note is that not one of them helped with the set-up of this new system, which wasn’t a cheap adventure, if you know anything about POS systems, they start at like $20k and go up, but for some reason they had no interest in helping me set it up. The cataloguing system that connected to the registers out the front had a password, as I was the only one using it, I used the password I use for everything, my bank, my email, whatever it’s all the same. So, I didn’t write it down or anything.

I’d been having tension with Daniel for some time over the running or the business, and I’ll admit I overstepped a few times, but it was painful to watch him run it into the ground seeing as it was their family adventure. He’d also had problems with me badgering him for pay, because his main role was payslips for all the other staff (5 of us, 4 of them), most of who were teenagers, and much less assertive than me. I knew he was trying to underpay and was underpaying at least 1 employee by a significant amount because she was a push-over, and I kept calling him out on it in the work group chat, which of course he didn’t like.

This all boiled over to one day us having a shouting match in-store (no customers around) at each other, because I asked for my pay to be on time and needed it for a loan I’d just taken out on my car, after he’d just had a go at me for not putting in every barcode correctly (and my margin of error was very low). Despite me backing off a bit, he ended up firing me on the spot. I left the store keys and took my stuff home.

As luck would have it, 2 days after that while I was at home looking for a new job I got a call from Adam – there was a problem with the POS and none of them could unlock it, only I had worked on it, and what was the password? Well, I still hadn’t gotten my last 2 pay checks, which had royally screwed me over, so I asked for them again. Adam said he’d ask Daniel, I told him to call me back once it was transferred into my account. Not even half an hour later I got a call from Daniel yelling at me about how they couldn’t put any sales through until they fixed whatever problem they had, I honestly couldn’t even figure out what it was from their descriptions, and I still don’t know. So, I told him again I wanted my pay, but now that he’d called me to yell there was also a call-out fee, $500. He hung up. As you can imagine then there was a lot of back and forth between me and the other brothers, I think I got an individual call back from everyone except Daniel. They ended up paying my check AND $300 for coming to fix it (and make the password not my universal password). Daniel wasn’t there when I arrived that night, but the air was tense, and I was just happy to go back with the loan money and a bit of beer cash.

So yeah, that’s how I got my revenge on a crappy manager. I haven’t been in there since, but I know it’s not going well from the local Facebook group.

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(2) Posted by Mr. Pancake on May 28, 2021 1:25 AM

Not smart to use the same password for everything, especially on your employer's system.

Glad you got what you were owed though plus a little extra!