Stealing my gas is going to cost you. Should have just paid for your own gas.

Posted by RedneckRob on June 07, 2021 12:45 AM

My neighbor is a cheapskate, even cheaper than most of us in the trailer park. I once threw away a couch that the dog had explosive diarrhea on and I caught him dragging the couch away and putting it in his trailer. There's being frugal and then there's being stupid.

Speaking of stupid, I work lawn care, so I'll keep a lawn mower and can of gas on the back of my truck so I can go cut lawns. My cheap neighbor thinks that my gas can is fair game, because it's "not locked up, so it must be free" - his words.

He kept putting my gas in his truck. So I put some sugar in the gas can and sat back to watch the show. Of course, my neighbor stole the gas can again and put it in his truck again. Now he's wondering why his truck won't start.

Serves him right. Should I tell him about the sugar? Probably best I keep that fact to myself.

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