Karen, our "money back guarantee" doesn't apply to non-winning lottery tickets.

Posted by Clerky on December 29, 2021 9:04 PM

I'm a cashier / clerk at a grocery store. One of my many duties is to work the service counter, where we process returns, handle check cashing, lottery tickets, etc.

Recently I had a woman, let's call her Karen, come up to the service counter. She wanted to exchange some lottery tickets for cash. This is a common occurance at our store and something I do often. So, I took the tickets from her and scratched off the bar code, something many customers often fail to do. Then I take them over to the redemption machine and scan them, when I hear the "bonk" noise that means they are not winners.

I turn to the woman and inform her that unfortunately her tickets are not winners and I cannot redeem them for cash.

She says: I know they are not winners, that's why I want to exchange them! She says this in a condescending tone, like I'm a moron for pointing this out.

Now I'm confused, and re-iterate to the woman that the tickets are worthless as she didn't win anything and can't get any cash for them. That's when the woman brings up our money back guarantee. She says that we have a money back guarantee and she didn't win, so she wants her money back.

Now, our store does have a money back guarantee, but this is meant for the food we sell. Our money back guarantee is that if you buy an item and it is not fresh or it has spoiled, bring it back and we'll refund or replace it for you. This is meant for things like fruit and meat that may appear fresh but not be fresh when you get home, not for lotto tickets.

I inform the woman that the money back guarantee doesn't apply to lottery tickets since it is meant for food.

"But it's a money back guarantee", she says. "I want my money back for these tickets since they're not winners.".

I'm thinking to myself, this is not how this works, this is not how any of this works.

I tell the woman that unfortunately the guarantee does not apply to lotto tickets and she is not entitled to a refund.

Karen gets mad and says, "You are liars! You promise a money back guarantee and then lie! I want to see your manager!".

I was waiting for this line. Not only am I the service clerk today, but I am also the manager on duty. Here's where I might be a bit of an ass.

I turn to Karen and say, ok, you want to speak to a manager? I'll go get the manager for you. I then leave my post at the service counter, turn to the office, then close the door. A few seconds I walk out again, and before Karen can say anything I say "Hello maam, I am the manager here. I understand you have a complaint!".

This pissed Karen off like nothing I had ever seen before! She starts screaming at me, "You bitch, you little lying bitch!". We have a display of two liter soda right next to the service desk and Karen grabs a two liter bottle and starts to shake it. She then proceeds to open the bottle and pour it all over the service desk, covering everything in sticky soda.

At this point the situation is out of hand. As Karen is shaking the soda I call security over the intercom and shout out "Security, service desk, code red!'. This summons the security guard from his post back at loss prevention at the back of the store and tells him to run as fast as he can.

Right as Karen is dumping the soda on the service desk, our security guard arrives. He says to Karen, "Ok, now you have gone and done it ma'am. You need to wait here for the police.". As he says this, he motions to me to call the police on the store phone.

Karen decides she isn't going to wait around for the police, so she makes a run for the door. Our security guard runs to block her and it looks like we have her cornered. Just when we think we have her blocked and have the situation under control, she kicks our poor security guard right in the balls. He's a strong man, but he's no match for a swift kick to the dingleberries.

Karen makes a run for the parking lot while our security guard falls to the floor. Luckily he's fine after icing his balls with some ice from the first aid kit for a half hour. Unfortunately Karen got away, but we've pulled the security footage from the incident and plastered a wanted photo of her face at every entrance to the store. We checked the CCTV and couldn't get a readable plate from her car, so it looks like unfortunately she's going to get away with her terrible behavior. She'll likely keep being a Karen and won't learn until someone dishes out some real consequences for her.

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