I messed up by falling for an IRS phone scammer

Posted by GotScammed on June 14, 2021 8:02 PM

This happened a few years ago, not today, but is still a time I messed up. I was in college, so young, broke and dumb. I got a call on my cell phone and on the other end a man from the IRS said that I owed $5,000 in taxes or I was going to go to prison!

At the time I didn't know this was a scam, I really thought the IRS would call you if you owed taxes. I also didn't catch on to the thick Indian accent or the broken English as red flags that this wasn't the IRS.

I started crying on the phone though because I couldn't afford $5,000. All I had was $500. I told the man I thought was an IRS agent all I had was $500 and I was a broke college student. He said not to worry, we can reduce your debt and make it only $500. All you need to do is go to Walmart and buy some Google Play cards and send me the code and it will all be taken care of.

Again, big red flag. I know now the government won't make you pay taxes in Google Play cards, but I was dumb back then. So, I took my last $500 and bought Google Play cards, since I thought if I didn't I would go to jail.

Only after talking with my parents later that month did I realize it was a scam. I had to eat ramen noodles for two months because that darn scammer tricked me into giving him the last of my money.

Also, now my phone number is on a suckers list because I get calls from all sorts of scammers. IRS scammers, tech support scammers, etc, multiple times a day. They never stop. I am never giving them a dime again though, I won't be tricked twice!
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