I messed up by sending my professor the wrong video file

Posted by X-Rated on June 22, 2021 2:09 AM

This happened a few weeks ago, but I am still dealing with the fallout, so I thought I would share.

I'm a junior in college studying to get my film and media production degree. In one of my classes, we had a final where we had to shoot a mock news segment and then send the professor a video file. Then, for the second part of the final we had to watch each person's video and give a critique. This was kind of a cool idea, because 50% of our grade would come from other students while 50% would come from our professor.

We each had to upload our video file to the e-learning portal where the professor would make each video available to the class to watch so they could do their critique. My dumb butt messed up and chose the wrong video file.

I didn't just choose any video file. No, I had to choose the video file my boyfriend and I made during our sexy time. We wanted to be adventurous and spice things up, so we made a porno that I saved to my computer.

I of course uploaded that file to the e-learning portal. Uploaded files were automatically shared with the rest of the class, and I had no way of deleting the uploaded file. Now the whole class has seen my porno!

Worse still, now I'm facing suspension. I tried telling my professor this was an accident, but I've been a bit of a smart-ass in his class before, so he thinks this is some sort of joke and he's pursuing this with the college administration, trying to get me suspended, on top of failing me from my class because I didn't submit a proper final project!

I tried emailing him the correct file but he says that only files uploaded through the portal count, but the portal only lets you upload one file. My professor is being a real butthole. Now I'm going to flunk out of college and everyone in my class has seen me naked! FML!
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(1) Posted by Smokey on June 25, 2021 1:05 AM

Big yikes! If this is a legit story, you dun fucked up lol. Well hey, at least on the bright side, you submitted a FILM for film class lol.