Today I messed up by forgetting to set the parking brake.

Posted by JessGroves on June 14, 2021 3:58 PM

I really messed up today. I forgot to set the parking brake on my car, which led to me ruining my sister's new house.

My sister just got a new house, so I went over there to help her move in along with my parents. My sister's new house has a driveway sloping down from the street, towards the garage. When I got there, I parked behind my parent's car.

Normally I never use the parking brake on my car, so I didn't think to set it when I parked on the driveway. As we were moving things in, all of a sudden we hear a large crash! My car had rolled down the driveway, into the back of my parent's car and pushed both cars right into the support for the garage! Now my sister's brand new house has a garage that is all caved in!

Remember to always set your parking brake when parking on a hill, or else you might ruin a house.
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