EntitledStories.com Privacy Policy

Last Updated: March 26, 2021


  • We or Us refers to EntitledStories.com
  • You refers to the individual or entity using EntitledStories.com
  • Third Party refers to any entity that is neither EntitledStories.com or you

Personal Information Collected From You

This section outlines personal information EntitledStories.com or third party services we use may collect about you as you use our site.

Personal Information Collected from Anyone Browsing our Website

By using this website, you consent to EntitledStories.com collecting some basic information about your browser and internet connection that is transmitted by your browser when a website is loaded. This information includes but is not limited to:

  • Your Internet Protocol (IP) address
  • The browser name and version
  • The operating system of the computer or device you are using
  • The referring website that you visited prior to visiting EntitledStories.com

This information is transmitted automatically by your browser as you view different web pages and we may store this information in our server logs.

We may also utilize cookies to keep track of your browser session or preferences. In addition, third party services that we utilize, such as Cloudflare may also gather data about your browser and set their own cookies in your browser. For more information on the information collected by Cloudflare, please review the Cloudflare Privacy Policy

Information Collected about Registered Users

When you register an account at EntitledStories.com we collect additional information about you and associate this information with your account. This information includes, but is not limited to:

  • Your email address
  • The IP address of your connection at the time of registration
  • The date and time of your registration
  • The unique username and password you have chosen when you registered

We may also use cookies to remember your account session when you log in, or to track your activity on the website across browser sessions. Cookies are pieces of data that persist on your computer even after you close your web browser. Clicking the Remember Me checkbox when logging in will store a cookie on your computer that will allow us to tie your browser to your account for the purposes of keeping you logged in across visits.

When logged in, we may also log your IP address and the time and date when you post content on EntitledStories.com, including stories or comments.

Disclosure of information collected to third parties

EntitledStories.com may, under the circumstances listed below disclose some or all information we have collected about you to third parties:

  • If the information is requested by a lawful court order or if we have another legal obligation to provide the data to law enforcement or another third party
  • If there is a hack, breach or attack on our services and disclosing personal information (such as access logs and IP addresses) is required to trace the source of the hack, breach or attack
  • If the information is required by our web host to solve a problem that impacts the operation of the EntitledStories.com website
  • To protect EntitledStories.com against legal liability
  • To protect EntitledStories.com, its users or the public from harm
  • In the event we decide to sell the EntitledStories.com website, we may provide your personal information to the party purchasing the website as a part of the sale

We do not sell or provide your personal information that we collect to others outside of the limited items listed above.

Data collection by third party services

Third party services, such as Cloudflare, that we may utilize may collect their own personally identifiable information about you using tracking scripts, web beacons or other means. Data collected by these third parties shall be covered by their respective privacy policies.

At this time we currently utilize the following third party services that may track you or store information about you or your browser:

Updates to this privacy policy

It is the responsibility of site users to periodically check this privacy policy for updates. We will update the last updated date of this privacy policy as we make changes to this document. We may also post an announcement outlining updates to this policy, however under this policy we are not required to do so.