How to Report a Story

If there is a story on our site that you need to report, the easiest way to report the story is to click the report story button on the story detail page. Simply fill out the form with details on why the story should be removed and your report will be added to our site's moderation queue. Be sure to include an email address if you are reporting as a guest so that we can contact you if we need more information on your report.

You can also report comments by clicking the report button next to a comment, which will also add the comment to our moderation queue.

Using the report features of the site is the preferred method of alerting us to content that should be removed from our site, as this will show an alert to moderators when they log in to their site. However, if you cannot report a story or comment this way, you can send an email to [email protected] with a link to the story or comment you want to report and we will review the report.

Valid reasons for reporting content

Valid reasons for reporting content include:

  • The story or comment contains spam or adult content
  • The story or comment is able to personally identify an individual or business, or violates our no last names policy
  • The story or comment is of a racist nature, or disparages a group based on a protected class or characteristic, such as religion or sexuality
  • The story or comment is political in nature (most political content is not allowed at
  • The story or comment is of a graphic or sexual nature
  • The story or comment contains gratuitous swear words.
  • The story or comment violates copyright (please provide a link to the work that is being infringed when filing your report)
  • The content violates United States law
  • The story or comment is otherwise objectionable and should be removed

Removal of any content on our site is left up to the discretion of the staff.