EntitledStories.com Terms and Conditions

By using the EntitledStories.com website, you agree to be bound to the following terms and conditions.  If you do not agree to these terms, you are forbidden from using this website.

Minimum Age Requirement

You must be at least 13 years old to create an account on this website or to browse the content on this website.  Users under 13 years of age are prohibited from using this website.

Content Policy

Content posted on EntitledStories.com must conform to the following rules:

  • Content must be on-topic to the section in which it is posted on the website.  Content advertising other websites or content that is of an advertisement or spam nature is prohibited.
  • Content must not personally identify any individual or business.  We have a no last names policy, meaning you are prohibited from listing the last name of any person in the stories or comments that you post. This is to prevent individuals from being able to be publicly identified based on stories posted here.
  • Content posted must not disparage individuals based on any protected class, such as race, religion or sexual / gender orientation
  • Content must not be of a graphic or sexual nature
  • Content should not contain gratuitious use of swear words.  We will allow an occasional swear if necessary to convey a message, but overuse of swears is prohibited.

We reserve the right to suspend or ban any user whose content breaks these rules.  Furthermore, we reserve the right to suspend or ban any user of our service for any reason, with or without explanation to the user.  We reserve the right to block, delete or suspend any content posted on this site at our sole discretion.

Copyright Policy

By posting content to this website, you are granting EntitledStories.com a license to store, host, transmit, share, publicly perform and reproduce any content that you upload to this website.  You also grant us any rights not covered above that are necessary for displaying your content on the website.

Furthermore, by posting content to this website you give us the right to allow others to store, host, transmit, share, publicly perform and reproduce any content you post to this website.

Any content you post to this website should be original content written by you.  Users found to be uploading content produced by others will have their account access suspended and/or terminated.

To report an abuse of copyright, simply hit the report button next to any story or comment to alert our moderation team to the problematic content.


This website does not have any warranty or guarantee of availability and this service may go down at any time for any reason.  You agree to hold harmless EntitledStories.com for any harm you may suffer as a result of this website either becoming unavailable or otherwise suffering an attack, hack or other data breach or data compromise.

Legal Liability

By using this website or making an account on this website, you agree that should any case for damages by you be brought before a court, EntitledStories.com and its owners / operators shall not be liable for any amount greater than actual damages suffered. Furthermore, by using this website or creating an account on this website you agree to hold harmless EntitledStories.com and its owners / operators for any actions taken by or on behalf of third parties, or for any liability resulting from a data breach, website hack or other account compromise of any data stored by or held on EntitledStories.com's servers.


In the event that a court finds that any part of these Terms and Conditions cannot be enforced, you agree that the remaining terms will continue to be in force and you will be continue to be bound by these terms.